The essence of being is tied to thought. It forms the basis of personality and behavior and makes every soul unique. By processing sensory input and linking thought to movement, the nervous system fundamentally regulates an animal’s interaction with its environment. Neurologic disease profoundly impacts the lives of companion animals.

Motor neuron; Spinal Cord, 50X at 35mm. Shows: cell body, nucleus, dendrites (numerous processes attached to cell body), axon (single, long, nerve fiber), and neuroglial cells (dark spots).


Infiniti addresses neurologic disease with an array of different technology to help pets once again become who they are. Infiniti has created an integrated approach to the treatment of neurologic disease in companion animals. From online to in person educational seminars and labs, to telemedicine support and surgical implants, Infiniti has created the first of its kind approach to partnership in the treatment of diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system.

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The team at Infiniti consists of expert clinicians and engineers. Get advice from the people who invented procedures, designed devices, or pioneered the technology. No matter the challenge you face, we are here to help from diagnosis to discharge.

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