Infiniti is a global animal health technology company with direct sales to more than 30 countries worldwide. We have assembled a best-in-class team of clinicians, engineers, designers, programmers, and support staff that develops and curates meaningful and impactful solutions. Our promise is to enrich animal health and create a brighter future with global impact.

One company, many pathways

In answering the needs of clinicians, Infiniti has found synergistic opportunities in many clinical areas.  This led to the creation of neuromed in 2020 and the acquisition of Orthomed in 2019. Infiniti continuously searches for new opportunities in adjacent areas within animal health.


Orthopedic issues constitute some of the most frequent conditions afflicting pets. Orthomed has developed a number of proprietary orthopedic solutions and has a rich tradition of innovation. Landmark developments include SOPTM, RidgestopTM, and MMP. Orthomed has a number of innovative solutions in development and provides support and education for a wide range of orthopedic conditions.


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In 2020, Infiniti created neuromed, a company focused on neurologic disease in companion animals. Regarded by many as an orphaned area of innovation, neuromed has leveraged Infiniti’s innovation ethos to develop a portfolio of novel solutions that address common issues involving the central and peripheral nervous systems.

The restoration of stability resulting from traumatic, degenerative, or congenital issues has been central to neuromed’s R&D efforts. Launched in the fall of 2021, our spinal solutions are a quantum leap forward for veterinarians.

Intervertebral disc disease is common in many dogs. neuromed is pioneering novel technology used to improve the treatment of this condition.

Having the right tools is essential. neuromed has developed proprietary instrument sets intended for use during procedures of the central and peripheral nervous systems. From basic to advanced procedures, neuromed offers unique portfolios of instruments to help surgeons obtain optimal results.


As an industry leader, Infiniti not only focuses on today, but keeps an eye out for tomorrow and the promise that it brings. Innovation is therefore key to our value creation.

At Infiniti we believe that there is always more to learn. As we uncover more truths, we discover countless opportunities. Education is our growth engine, and we rely not only on our own research but the input of clinicians, researchers, and others in animal health for insight into worthy projects. Infiniti has cultivated extensive development capabilities but is also opportunistic in licensing and acquisition to address unmet needs.

Infiniti is currently on boarding projects requiring artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and virtual reality.

We have expertise in the design of minimally invasive, cardiovascular, and orthopedic devices. Beginning with an idea, we are quickly able render drawings and define specifications.

Essential to the innovation process is the ability to quickly translate concept to prototype. Our engineers utilize a variety of resources such as 3D printing to expedite the process of design validation.

From finite element analysis and fatigue testing to the design of clinical protocols, Infiniti has the resources to assess whether concepts sufficiently meet end user needs.