The NeuroMed pedicle screw is the first of its kind system designed for veterinary medicine. It combines performance enhancing features with an all-in-one low profile design. The friction fit allows for positioning of the screw head while maintaining its position for easy rod implantation. The bone screw thread design to optimizes bone screw purchase. The system is designed to maximize locking power of the screw and rod construct.


The NeuroMed pedicle screw system is available in a number of screw sizes (diameters and lengths) and rod sizes (diameters and lengths) to address the needs of small to giant breed dogs.

Accessories, Support, and other Solutions

NeuroMed provides instrumentation kits required for the proper implantation of pedicle screws.

Lean on our experts to help with questions related to surgical planning or post operative management of cases. Upload images and case history and NeuroMedTM will partner with you in the care of your patient.

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NeuroMedTM has partnered with clinicians and engineers to develop a portfolio of innovative and proprietary solutions to address a variety of neurologic issues.