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Infiniti was founded by clinicians, engineers, and dreamers who believed that technology could enhance the practice of veterinary medicine. Today, Infiniti not only produces solutions for a myriad of common conditions, but also scalable technologies in education, diagnostics, and telemedicine. Infiniti believes in the vast opportunity for its solutions to enhance the veterinary ecosystem.

We Create Elegant Solutions for Everyday Problems

Solving problems requires an attentive ear, domain expertise, and creativity. We are an amalgamation of clinicians, engineers, and designers who collaborate to connect the dots and harvest the best of Silicon Valley. Our holistic approach provides veterinarians all over the world solutions that have disrupted the clinical care environment.


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The Infiniti odyssey began by creating novel solutions for a handful of problematic clinical issues. Our cutting-edge Vet Stent technology fundamentally redefined treatments for airway disease, vascular disease, and urinary obstruction. The lessons learned from the development of these solutions lead to the broader ambition of creating a platform approach to address issues veterinarians face in treating patients and running their practices. Today Infiniti not only offers solutions for a broad range of clinical conditions, but also supplements them with scalable efforts in education, telemedicine, and diagnostics. Looking to tomorrow, Infiniti is currently investing in many areas including digital health and technology with the promise to enhance patient encounters in practices on a global scale.

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