The heart is the symbolic center of physical and emotional well-being. Its health is vital in unimaginable ways. When the heart is structurally unsound, the repercussions are profound. Fixing a failing heart restores vitality and equilibrium. It is a gift of unmeasurable magnitude.

Normal Artery in Cross Section (Magnification x100) H & E stain. Three distinct layers or tunics: tunica interna (intima), tunica media, tunica externa (adventitia). Also shows endothelium and lumen with red and white blood cells.


The treatment of cardiac and vascular disease is central to the value that Infiniti provides veterinarians. Infiniti has pioneered innovative technologies to correct structural heart disease. These therapies have since become core to every cardiology practice. Borrowing from its roots in interventional radiology, Infiniti has also developed treatment paradigms for issues involving the peripheral vascular system.

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