Digestive health is the cornerstone of a pet’s well being. Many conditions that can be avoided or modulated by diet. Everyone is also aware of the happiness eating provides. The image of a jubilant dog about to eat is the embodiment of joy. It is no wonder why even a slight variation in eating habits can result in a hospital visit.



Infiniti offers both diagnostic and therapeutic solutions focused on gastrointestinal disease. ALICAM is the highlight of this portfolio. It is a platform diagnostic imaging technology that can be used by any veterinarian to obtain expert quality advice on any case from the routine to the most difficult. No matter what the challenge, Infiniti is here to help.

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The team at Infiniti consists of expert clinicians and engineers. Get advice from the people who invented procedures, designed devices, or pioneered the technology. No matter the challenge you face, we are here to help from diagnosis to discharge.

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