Running, jumping, playing fetch: these are activities that define the essence of a dog’s life. In fact, nothing is more symbolic of a dog’s vitality than when it is pictured in motion. Orthopedic injuries can abruptly rob dogs of their vigor. Infiniti offers a portfolio of solutions to help veterinarians restore activity following such injuries.



Infiniti is defined by its end-to-end technology solutions for veterinarians. In orthopedic care, outcomes are tied to technical skill and decision making. Enter the digital age and take advantage of RoVR: the first ever virtual reality training platform tailored to veterinary orthopedic procedures. RoVR, in conjunction with Infiniti’s Online Academy and its telemedicine consult service, constitutes the digital backbone that enables any clinic to achieve optimal orthopedic results.

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The team at Infiniti consists of expert clinicians and engineers. Get advice from the people who invented procedures, designed devices, or pioneered the technology. No matter the challenge you face, we are here to help from diagnosis to discharge.

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