Virtual Reality

RoVR® is a virtual reality platform enabling surgeons to learn the MMP procedure in a virtual environment. Every aspect of this surgery has been recreated with exceptional detail.

Learn when and how you want, at your own pace, in your very own virtual operating theater.

How it Works

There are a variety of ways for you to immerse yourself within the virtual world of MMP surgery.

Simply follow the instructional video and you can start practicing this surgery as soon as you receive the headset.

If you’re looking for further support during your RoVR® virtual experience, you can book a session with a representative who will join you in the virtual operating room and guide you through the procedure.

For a premium experience, you can reserve time in the virtual operating room with a surgeon who will provide mentorship and answer clinical as well as technical questions.

The RoVR® platform

The capabilities of RoVR® represent an inflection point in surgical training that can be harnessed by novice and experienced practitioners alike. The virtual world affords many advantages over traditional methods of surgical training.

RoVR® allows veterinarians to repeatedly perform a surgery. Repetition is essential to develop manual dexterity and muscle memory. There is no limit to the number of times a step or entire procedure can be repeated. This improves performance and confidence.

Experienced surgeons will be the first to admit that outcomes improve the more they perform a procedure. If MMP is a procedure you are learning or it has been a while since you performed your last one, RoVR® will allow you to assess your performance, practice your technique, and get real time feedback before you need to scrub. If there is a question you have, it is best if it comes up in the virtual world where you can get an answer without jeopardizing a patient.

Multiple peer reviewed studies have shown improved performance up to 300% during procedures when operators have been trained with virtual reality compared to traditional methods. The improvements documented included end points such as procedural time and number of correct steps performed.

Traditional methods of surgical training are expensive and limited. More people want and need training than are fortunate enough to get it. RoVR® enables almost anyone, anywhere, anytime to get a life like surgical training experience.