The Vet Stent-Colon™ is hand made from nitinol wire constructed with “free wire ends” to enhance stent stability once implanted. It comes premounted on a delivery system. Veterinarians are encouraged to rely on Infiniti’s consult service for information related the use of this product and the management of patients with benign and malignant colonic strictures.


The Vet Stent Colon is available in 20mm diameter for feline use and 30mm diameter for canine use. Custom made options are also available.


The treatment of esophageal strictures requires a variety of devices in addition to the Vet Stent Esophagus.

Infinti offers a variety of guide wires ideally suited to the unique requirements of this procedure.

It can often be beneficial to dilate esophageal strictures either prior to stent placement or as a definitive remedy. Infiniti offers wide selection of balloons appropriate for such indications.