Infiniti is proud and humbled by the recent publication of the study “Bronchial Collapse and Bronchial Stenting in 9 Dogs” in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

The study, authored by Darren Kelly, Florence Juvet, Valerie Lamb, and Andrew Holdsworth, documents successful use of Infiniti stents in treating bronchial collapse in canines.

The study aimed to determine the efficacy of bronchial stenting as a treatment for dogs with bronchial obstruction and used Infiniti’s self-expanding, uncovered nitinol Vet Stent Bronchus which is specifically designed for the bronchi of veterinary patients.

The authors of the study have been offering bronchial stenting since January 2020 and their data included dogs who received a bronchial stent in the 3-year period to January 2023. The results showed that bronchial stenting was successful in all cases, alleviated bronchial collapse in all dogs, improved quality of life and decreased functional impairment grade at 4 weeks post-stenting.

This research provides valuable insight into the treatment of bronchial collapse in dogs, offering hope for improved care and outcomes for similar canine patients.

Full access to the full study is here.