In the spirit of innovation through collaboration, and with the desire in mind to address unmet needs in veterinary medicine Orthomed is introducing a new system to address extremity trauma.

The New Low Profile SOPTM system leverages the industry leading technology found in the original SOPTM system but is based on a 2.0 mm plate to optimize repair of traumatic injuries in smaller patients

Low Profile SOPTM system, titanium alloy tools in a black plastic container

The New Low Profile SOPTM system is fabricated from titanium alloy and utilizes proprietary novel screws and instruments. The 2.0mm plates are available in 16-hole and 17-hole T-plate configurations that can be cut to size. Components are available individually or as a kit. The Low Profile SOPTM system is recommended in patients ranging from 1.5 kg to 10.5 kg and uses exclusive screws only available from Orthomed. The screw head incorporates a unique cross-driver design which utilizes a custom screwdriver which comes as part of the instrument set. They can be applied to a wide variety of fractures with patient weight of around 1.5kg up to 10.5kg.

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