Training & Education

Infiniti Medical strives to assure the best possible outcomes for patients needing our products. In addition to real time technical support, we actively support educational activities concerning diseases that are frequently treated with image guided interventions.

Our Edu Cané® (See One • Do One • Teach One) training sessions allow veterinarians to observe experts in practice, obtain hands-on training with devices and exchange ideas with other veterinarians. Lectures cover the technical and clinical aspects of the procedure including case selection, device design and use, and pre- and post-procedure care of the patient. For laboratories and workshops, a hands-on training session with device demonstration follows the lecture. The lectures and labs are taught by industry experts.

Please choose from one of the training categories on the right or contact us to see how your educational needs can be met.

Training & Lecture Schedule

Modality 2019 Date  Location Flyer
Lecture & Laboratory:
Interventional Cardiology Summit
March 22 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Tracheal and Urethral Stenting
Lecture & Laboratory:
Interventional Radiology Summit
March 25-26
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
Tracheal and Urethral Stenting


Organize a Training Session

Infiniti Medical is dedicated to improving the quality of life of companion animals. We support educational activities that promote the use of image guided therapeutic interventions. Hands on training provides an in depth introductory educational experience that allows most veterinarians to feel comfortable performing basic procedures.

Because relationships with referring practices are vital, Infiniti Medical can also facilitate continuing education lectures to such practices concerning image guided therapy.

Please contact us to find out what is required to set up a training session or lecture at your institution.