Infiniti’s Vet Stent-Ureter™ is designed with all sizes of patients in mind. The stents are composed of polymer based extrusions with custom tipping and hand drilled ports. The polymer is heat sensitive and designed to be stiffer at room temperature to facilitate placement, and then soften as they warm to body temperature for long lasting comfort. They are compatible with Infiniti guide wires and other accessories. Veterinarians are encouraged to take advantage of our telemedicine support services to optimize case planning and management.


The Vet Stent-Ureter™ is available in sizes appropriate for both cats and dogs. Feline stents are 2+ Fr in diameter while canine versions are available in 3.7 Fr, 4.7 Fr, and 6 Fr. Every Vet Stent-Ureter™ is available in a number of lengths as well as certain canine versions in variable length configurations. If you need help selecting a size, or have a question, you can start a consultation with us.


The following products can be useful when performing ureteral stent procedures.

Ureteral stents are intended to placed over guide wires. The guide wire is used to cross the ureteral obstruction and then the stent is placed over the guide wire. Stent/guide wire compatibility is listed in the chart above.

Sometimes external drainage of the kidney is necessary.  A neprhostomy tube can be used to temporarily decompress the kidney while a definitive therapy is planned.