Infiniti’s stapling portfolio consists of linear cutters, linear staplers, and an articulating endocutter. Each is available in a variety of staple sizes and staple line lengths.


The Infiniti surgical stapling portfolio consists of a range of products:

These feature a cam gear design that ensures consistent staple formation to prevent bleeding. A safety lock is used to prevents premature activation and the cutting blade is active only when a full cartridge is in place. Cartridges are color coded to assure compatibility. These are available in 60mm and 80mm lengths with blue and green reloads.


Sizes & Configurations

Infiniti’s Linear Staplers Feature a generous 20mm parallel jaw opening and internal mechanisms to assure uniform compression and staple formation. Each handle accepts a selection of reloads optimized for different tissue thicknesses which are color coded to show compatibility with the matching handle. A safety mechanism prevents the firing of used or empty cartridges. These are available in 30mm, 45mm, 60mm, and 90mm lengths with white, blue, and green reloads.


Sizes & Configurations

Infiniti’s Endo Cutters feature a 50mm shaft (280mm working length) optimized for companion animal procedures and a 28mm jaw opening to facilitate tissue positioning. The handle features a bidirectional articulating control lever which can angle the jaws up to 45 degrees in either direction. A separate rotational control knob can provide 360 degree rotation of the jaw. These are availble in 30mm, 45mm, and 60mm lengths with white, blue, and green reloads.



To accommodate the diameter of its articulating endo cutter, Infiniti offers a self anchoring trocar. The ergonomically designed anchoring system provides better trocar fixation onto the abdominal wall, preventing accidental dislodgement during surgery. The access port features a unique, universal sealing system shaped like a star with in several layers that holds instruments firmly and softly.


Length: 100 mm
Diameter: 12 mm
Features: Self anchoring with smoke filter