Infiniti offers two pathways for the treatment of nasopharyngeal stenoses. The first utilizes a stent that is intended to be implanted and remain in situ. It is fabricated by hand from nitinol wire and tailor made for each client. The second employs an innovative design that facilitates its removal if needed.


The Vet Stent-Nasopharynx™ is available in stock diameters from 8mm to 14mm and a variety of lengths as well as in custom configurations. For help selecting a size or for product related questions start a consultation.


The treatment of nasopharyngeal often involves the following devices.

A Berenstein catheter can be useful gaining access across the stenosis.

Nasopharyngeal stents are mounted on delviery systems that are compatible with .035″ guide wires. A Weasel Wire is often used to cross the stenosis and guide the stent to the implant site

It is often necessary to balloon dilate nasopharynx in conjunction with stent placement.

To secure the removable stent in place, a Toggle kit is useful for placing sutures through the stent and soft palate.