Curato® boasts several unique distinguishing features. It weighs only 15 ounces and it can run in battery mode for up to 24 hours. Users can choose either continues suction or intermittent suction modes and custom select the appropriate degree of negative pressure for any patient need. One can also perform simultaneous wound irrigation and create patient specific remedies with the addition of antibiotics. Curato® is also capable of running a self-diagnostic test which will alert the veterinarian with a specific error code when there is an issue impacting therapy.


Black Foam: Large (25x15x3cm)
Black Foam: Medium (20×12.5x3cm)
Black Foam: Small (10x8x3cm)
White Foam Dressing
Dressing Bridge Kit (2 foam strips & drape)
Polyurethane Drape (25.5×33 cm)

Suction Tubing
Y Connectors (used for treating two wounds)
Irrigation tubing
300cc Canister with Gel
500cc Canister with Gel

Replacement AC Power Supply
Replacement Carrying Case
IV pole/cage adapter