Infiniti’s Vet Stent-Bronchus™ is hand crafted from nitinol wire and available in a number of stock sizes. Our engineers are available to assist in the design and manufacture of stents to meet unique customer requirements when needed. Veterinarians are encouraged to take advantage of our telemedicine support services to optimize case planning and management.


The Vet Stent-BronchusTM is available in stock diameters from 6mm to 12mm and a variety of lengths as well as in custom configurations. For help selecting a size or for product related questions start a consultation.


The following products are useful in performing the sizing procedure used to select the proper stent size.

This 5Fr catheter has a straight tip with metallic markers spaced 1cm apart. This is placed in the esophagus during the positive pressure sizing film. The catheter is useful in calibrating the x-ray film.

This hydrophilic guide wire is placed into the esophagus and used to guide the marker catheter into position.