Infiniti balloons are coaxially constructed with a distally mounted non-compliant balloon. The catheters exhibit an extremely low profile and the balloons inflate and deflate quickly. They possess excellent trackability and pushability. Platinum bands facilitate accurate balloon positioning. They are ideal for vascular and non-vascular interventions.


Balloon catheters vary in a number of parameters including balloon width, length and burst pressure, catheter length and diameter and guide wire compatibility.

In conjunction with NuMED, we offer balloons made to custom specifications to meet the needs of unique patients. You can find our policy on custom balloons here.

Check our Balloon Chart to review balloon specifications and determine whether a Tyshak I or Tyshak II is needed.


Balloon valvuloplasty and other procedures involving angioplasty balloons routinely rely on a number of other devices.

Vascular introducers are placed in access vessels to allow atraumatic and easy passage of catheters and other devices.

Selective catheters such as those with Cobra and Berenstein tip configurations are useful in crossing the pulmonic valve or crossing lesions requiring dilation.

Infinti offers a variety of guide wires ideally suited to the unique requirements of this procedure.

This pack contains all the equipment needed for an endovascular procedure including patient drapes, sterile gowns, syringes, and many other helpful accessories.

Constructed of polyurethane and tapered to Infiniti Medical’s guide wires, the dilator is used to serially dilate the femoral artery in cases where the placement of large sheaths is required.