Neuromed plays a pivotal role in helping a 9-month-old puppy with their innovative pedicle screw system.


Great Pyrenees in car

In a heartwarming tale of collaboration and innovation, Neuromed, a division of Infiniti Medical, played a pivotal role in a groundbreaking surgery to help a nine-month-old Great Pyrenees pup named Chelsea find relief from chronic pain. The surgery lasted over five hours and saw a diverse team of veterinary and human medicine experts coming together to achieve one goal: stabilize Chelsea’s severely malformed lower spine and pelvis.

Neuromed applied the Invetra Pedicle Screw System, commonly utilized in human surgeries, to minimize infection risks and support stabilization in Chelsea’s procedure. They also integrated a specialized bone graft infused with antibiotics, inspired by the research of a PennVet large animal specialist. These advancements signify Neuromed’s dedication to pioneering veterinary techniques, elevating standards for enhanced animal care.

Spearheaded by Suzanne Rosen, a veterinary neurosurgeon from the Veterinary Referral Center, this collaborative effort also included an equine surgeon, an engineer, and an orthopedic spine surgeon, John Ray, who brought his expertise in pedicle screws from human medicine to assist Chelsea.

As Chelsea recuperates and adapts to post-surgery life, To Love a Canine (TLC) Rescue continues fundraising efforts to cover the extensive medical expenses, highlighting their commitment to providing Chelsea and other rescue dogs with a chance at a better tomorrow.

Through Neuromed’s innovative intervention and the unwavering dedication of the collaborative team, Chelsea stands on the brink of a life free from debilitating pain, embodying the transformative impact of collective expertise and compassionate care in the realm of veterinary medicine.

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