Dr. Jordi López-Alvarez from Memvet – Centre de referència veterinària in Mallorca, Spain has successfully used Infiniti’s new pulmonic valve stent- the Vet Stent PV – in a severe case of pulmonic stenosis in an English Bulldog.


Picture taken from Dr. Lopez’s LinkedIn profile

In 2010, Dr. Lopez-Alvarez published an article titled Balloon valvuloplasty for treatment of pulmonic stenosis in English Bulldogs with an aberrant coronary artery. In this paper, conservative balloon valvuloplasty was determined as safe in these dogs, and could improve clinical signs and quality of life.

According to Dr. Lopez-Alvarez, who shared his excitement in a public post, this frustrating condition with few therapeutic options is often associated with short survival times. He qualifies the placement of pulmonic stents as a big step forward for the veterinary community. “We can help these dogs with the placement of pulmonic stents!! (And it works!!!!!)”

Infiniti is proud of its commitment to research and the development of cutting-edge technologies that can save and improve the lives of companion animals worldwide.