Registration is now open for Orthomed’s latest RidgeStop workshop on January 23rd, 2022.

This full day course features a new curriculum focused on the use of RidgeStop for the treatment of patellar luxation. Participants will be granted access to essential foundational content online prior to the workshop.

Following a Q & A session based on the online content, the day will focus on the practicalities of performing the surgery with the aid of both saw bones and cadavers. The workshop will be taught by Dr. Bruce Nwadike, DVM Dip ACVS, MRCVS.

RidgeStop for patella luxation includes patellar luxation pathophysiology, patellar luxation including tibial tuberosity transposition, the concept of RidgeStop™, a RidgeStop™ and TTT sawbone practical and a RidgeStop™ and TTT cadaver practical (course dependent).

Ridgestop Faceon

This course is intended for practicing veterinarians looking to gain practical and foundational knowledge about the Ridgestop procedure for the treatment of patellar luxation. This course is intended to familiarize participants with relevant equipment and cover patient workup, procedural indications, post-operative care, as well as basic hands-on skills.

CE Credit: None
Course fee: $1,000 for both in person and online components
To register, or for more information visit OrthoMed.

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