Registration is now open for Infiniti’s Interventional Radiology training course on March 2-3 in Miami, FL.


DATE: March 2-3, 2024
TYPE: Non-Vascular
LAB TYPE: Lecture / Wet Lab
INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Bill Culp, VMD, DACVS, Professor at UC Davis

This two-day course will combine focused, laboratory-based instruction on respiratory and urinary techniques in a wet lab setting.

Participants will get familiar with relevant equipment and techniques used during stenting procedures, patient workups, procedural indications, and post-operative care, as well as basic hands-on skills.

This course is intended for practicing veterinarians looking to gain knowledge in interventional radiology procedures.


Urethral Stent


Day one will focus on Respiratory Interventions and include training on tracheal, bronchial, and nasopharyngeal stenting procedures.

Day two will focus on Urinary Interventions and include training on renal access/nephrostomy, urethral stenting, and ureteral stenting (surgical & percutaneous).

This course offers 16 CE credits.

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