On June 9th and 10th 2022, Infiniti will sponsor a workshop that combines a didactic curriculum with hands on learning and covers a variety of peripheral and cardiac interventions.

The course will be hosted by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain and taught by Dr. Kieran Borgeat BSc(Hons) BVSc MVetMed CertVC MRCVS Dip ACVIM Dip ECVIM-CA Senior Clinician in Cardiology, University of Bristol.

This course is intended for veterinarians with a working knowledge of basic cardiac interventions looking to gain knowledge in peripheral interventions or advanced cardiac interventions. And is intended to familiarize participants with relevant equipment and teach them patient workups, procedural indications, post-operative care, as well as basic hands-on skills.

Shot of a surgeon in an operating room with her assistant in the background

Our curriculum for day one will cover tracheal stenting in the treatment of tracheal collapse and bronchial stenting in the treatment of bronchial collapse/extrinsic compression.

On day two we’ll cover transvenous valvuloplasty and transvenous stent placement in the treatment of pulmonic stenosis  and ACDO placement in the treatment of patent ductus arteriosus with an introduction to transvenous approach.

CE Credit: None
Course fee: $3,600. Register before April 1st for $200 savings.

To register or request more information, contact us. Or view our other educational offerings.