The Infiniti Medical Family introduces more orthopedic products

The Infiniti Medical Family introduces more orthopedic products

Orthomed and the entire Infiniti Medical Family are delighted to announce the launch of a new 2.0mm SOP™ Low Profile Titanium System.

The original SOP™ system from Orthomed has been used globally for over ten years and has been supported by a plethora of published data.

By public request, we have developed and are now pleased to launch a smaller, low profile system to allow easier placement in particular on smaller patients.

This new plating system made from titanium alloy uses new, dedicated screws and instruments, whilst incorporating SOP™ technology but with a lower height profile to existing SOP™ plates.

The 2.0mm plates are available as 16-hole and also 17-hole T-plates which can be cut to size and use exclusive screws only available from Orthomed.

The screw head incorporates a unique cross-driver design which utilizes a custom screwdriver, which comes as part of the instrument set.

They can be applied to a wide variety of fractures with a patient weight of around 1.5kg up to 10.5kg.

Fracture applications include:

  • Humeral
  • Radius and Ulna
  • Tibial
  • Femoral
  • Scapular
  • Mandibular
  • Maxillary

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