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Curato® is a cutting-edge negative pressure wound therapy device with novel features and unique accessories. The unit sets itself apart from other wound therapy devices because it allows the veterinarian to own the device and administer therapy to their patients as needed. Curato® is the first veterinary-only device to offer Curvage® therapy for wounds, thereby allowing the clinician to simultaneously lavage the wound while providing negative pressure wound therapy. The simple to use irrigation system and SlickConnect™ tubing set Curato® a step above the industry standard.  


Renewable Device

  • World’s first renewable NPWT device
  • Incorporates a timer which indicates when to return the device for renewal
  • The efficiency of the pump will not trail off over time – as with other units
  • Can be turned on and off – for use only when required
  • No monthly rental fee

Curvage® Irrigation Tubing

  • Eight-foot single-lumen tubing set with adhesive flanges facilitates connection to dressing
  • Lavage the wound simultaneously while negative pressure is being applied – no need to disconnect, remove dressings, lavage, reapply foam, reconnect and then continue therapy
  • Comes with Y Connector (2 wounds can be treated and lavaged simultaneously with 1 Curato unit)

Intermittent Mode

  • 5-minute ON, 2-minute OFF cycle
  • Unit maintains pressure at -25 mm Hg during the “OFF” state to prevent loss of dressing seal and increase patient comfort

Impact Resistant, Light Weight & Silent

  • The compact device weighs only 430 g (15 oz) allowing for easy transportation (over 3 times lighter than other units)
  • The polymer enclosure is impact resistant to help prevent damage from dropping
  • Unit is virtually silent in its normal operation with a well-sealed dressing thus increasing patient comfort and compliance

Patented Impregnated Foam Dressings

  • Foam comes in silver impregnated and plain
  • Impregnated foam is manufactured in such a way that the silver is evenly distributed throughout the foam
  • Patented foam ensures no fraying when cut


  • The device can be placed on a table, attached to an IV pole using the IV pole adaptor or harnessed to the patient (thus allowing the patient to go home with monitoring done by the client)
  • Infiniti Medical also offers a 12 volt vehicle adaptor if required

Single Patient Use Canisters

  • Contains gel to solidify the fluids contained within it
  • No fear of spillage

Long Lasting – Quick Charging Battery

  • An internal battery provides up to 24 hours of operation from a single full-charge
  • When the battery is less than 20% charged, an alarm will sound and the front-panel LED display will indicate a low battery
  • Only 3 hours required to fully charge the battery

Therapy Guard & Safety Lock

  • Automated alarms (both visual and audible) for leak, low pressure, full canister and low battery
  • Equipped with a therapy locking feature preventing unauthorized individuals from changing therapeutic settings inadvertently


Curato® IFU Curato® Troubleshooting Guide

Curato IFU

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Curato Troubleshooting
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Infiniti Part Number Description Quantity/Box
C-30 Curato® (30 day unit) 1
D-03 Black Foam Dressing Kit – Large (25x15x3cm) 10
D-02 Black Foam Dressing Kit – Medium (20×12.5x3cm) 10
D-01 Black Foam Dressing Kit – Small (10x8x3cm) 10
A-01 Dressing Bridge Kit (2 foam strips & drape) 5
A-02 White Foam Dressing 10
A-03 Suction Tubing with SlickConnect™ only(no drape or foam) 10
A-04 Y Connectors (used for treating two wounds) 10
A-06 300cc Canister with Gel 10
A-07 500cc Canister with Gel 10
A-08 Curvage® Irrigation Tubing 5
A-09 Polyurethane Drape (25.5×33 cm) 10
AA-01 AC Power Supply (extra) 1
AA-02 Carrying Case (extra) 1
AA-03 IV pole or cage adapter 1

All items can only be purchased in the listed box size.