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Vet Stent-Bronchus™

The Vet Stent-Bronchus is a self-expanding nitinol stent designed to treat dynamic bronchial obstruction due to bronchomalacia or extrinsic compression secondary to atrial enlargement.  The Vet Stent-Bronchus is available in different sizes to fit the anatomy of various dog breeds typically suffering from these conditions.

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Case Study
Product Sheet

Optimized Stent Configurations
Available in 14 sizes to fit canine bronchial anatomy

Braided Delivery System
Kink resistant over the wire delivery system to efficiently guide stent to implantation site

Clear Tip Technology
Translucent distal delivery system with highly visible pusher piston to facilitate bronchoscopic placement

Case Study 1

 Case Study 1 - Pre Implantation  Pre-ImplantationCase Study 1 - Post ImplantationPost-Implantation

Case Study 1 - Post Implantation Xray 1Post-Implantation Radiograph A   Case Study 1 - Post Implantation Xray 2Post-Implantation Radiograph B


Case Study 2
  Case Study 2 - Pre Implantation  Pre-ImplantationCase Study 2 - Post ImplantationPost-Implantation

Case Study 2 - Post Implantation XrayPost-Implantation Radiograph 

Vet Stent Bronchus Front