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Nephrostomy Tubes

Our nephrostomy tubes are made of biocompatible and radiopaque medical grade polymers and are suitable for both short-term and long-term drainage. They are particularly helpful in the acute management of obstructive uropathy. The locking mechanism helps prevent accidental dislodgement, yet still allows simple removal when indicated. The 2.5 Fr version is the smallest nephrostomy tube made and with its 6 mm diameter pigtail, it is designed with the feline renal pelvis in mind as it will coil easily within it. These tubes can be placed using a Seldinger technique or surgical approach.

The 2.5 Fr nephrostomy tube is designed to be used with our renal access set. The renal access set allows the tube to be placed with a modified Seldinger technique. The kit contains a trocar style needle, double gold tipped micro wire and a peel away sheath/dilator. When paired with the 2.5 Fr nephrostomy tube, the management of feline obstructive uropathy is greatly simplified.

There is a patent pending on the 2.5 Fr nephrostomy tube.

2.5 Fr x 150 mm (effective length)*+
5 Fr x 290 mm (effective length)*
6 Fr x 290 mm (effective length)

* The 2.5 Fr and 5 Fr versions are not available with locking mechanism
+ The 2.5 Fr version requires the renal access set for placement