New Vet Podcast discussion on ‘ANAEMIA OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN’ highlights ALICAM

New Vet Podcast discussion on ‘ANAEMIA OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN’ highlights ALICAM

The Vet Vault, a brand new veterinary podcast, is bringing to light a two-part series discussion on ‘ANAEMIA OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN‘ that started on Friday the 19th of June.

Cases with anemia of unknown origin are often challenging to manage and diagnosis requires a multimodal approach. This series of discussions will comment on how endoscopy capsule, and ALICAM can help in these situations. It focuses on the fact that ALICAM is a non-invasive, novel modality that is that can be administered without anesthetic, a very attractive feature for both owners and vet practitioners.

The initial episode carries an interview with Alice Defarges MSc, DACVIM (SAIM), Assistant Professor at the Internal Medicine Department of Clinical Studies at Ontario Veterinary College University of Ontario in Guelph, Canada. She is currently involved in several clinical trials involving ALICAM and has used and interpreted the results in many cases with tremendous success.

The idea of the podcast is the result of the joint work of our Australian partner and Fourlimb owner, along with Sebastian, Hubert and Gerardo. Sebastian and Hubert have a long history of working together at an emergency vet clinic in Perth, Australia, which Hubert co-founded in 2012 and whose emergency department he is still an active member of. Gerardo is the author of the world-renowned ‘MiniVet Guide’ and together, Hubert and Gerardo bring a wealth of clinical and practical business knowledge to vets worldwide, through their Podcast. 

Listen to part one of these discussions and stay tuned for much more at The Vet Vault,