More Training Workshops in 2021

More Training Workshops in 2021

With a Practical Orthopedic Workshop that took place last January 23-24 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Infiniti Medical family has kicked off the 2021 training season.

More professional advancement opportunities in the Orthopedics’ area, both in-person and online, have been lined up, and are now available for registration. While COVID safety procedures are being followed in all the in-person training sessions, MMP, SOP, and Ridge Stop courses can also be taken online via Zoom. The necessary practice equipment will be provided, and conveniently delivered to your doorsteps.

Please visit our training page here for more information on upcoming instructional opportunities in the US and UK. Feel free to email us at if you are interested in attending and need registration details, or if you have questions regarding specific events or additional concerns.

Take advantage of more educational advancement options this year.

Orthomed UK, Orthomed NorthAmerica, and the rest of the Infiniti Medical family wish you a safe and productive 2021!