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Japan Society of Veterinary Anaesthesia & Surgery, Japan Society of Veterinary Cardiology, Japan Society of Veterinary Imaging & Japan Society of Veterinary Endoscopic Surgery: 2018 Joint Spring Meeting

Infiniti Medical is proud to be sponsoring the Satellite Seminars and a talk on capsule endoscopy at the 2018 Joint Spring Meeting. Sponsored by Infiniti Medical: Satellite Seminar Title: Cardiorespiratory Interventions: ① Pacemaker placement, programming & management ② Tracheal & Bronchial Stenting E. de Madron June 14 (Thu) 9.00am-5.00pm Title: Urinary Tract Interventions ① Urethral… View Article

Infiniti and ALICAM, proud sponsors of VIRIES 3rd Annual Meeting

The Veterinary Interventional Radiology and Interventional Endoscopy Society (VIRES) will be holding its 3rd annual meeting on May 23-25th in Lisbon, Portugal.  As in previous years, Infiniti and ALICAM are excited to support and participate in this event. Look for Infiniti and ALICAM among the exhibitors and come to check out our extensive line of… View Article