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Infiniti Medical Introduces its All New, Next Generation of Vet Stents

Based on thousands of clinical cases and years of laboratory testing, Infiniti Medical’s new line of Vet Stents represents the state of the art technology in the veterinary field. Infiniti Medical is now offering new tracheal, ureteral and urethral stents. Trachea: The Duality Vet Stent™ is a design addition to the Vet Stent-Trachea® line. It… View Article

Infiniti Medical Launches New Multipurpose Feline Catheter

Infiniti Medical is pleased to announce the launch of a multipurpose feline catheter. With its hydrophilic coating and mini pigtail, it is ideal for treating blocked cats. Additionally, when used with Infiniti Medical’s new renal access kit, the catheter can be used as a feline nephrostomy tube. There is a patent pending on the multipurpose… View Article

Infiniti Medical Announces Launch of New Surgical Staplers

Infiniti Medical announces the launch of high performing and affordable surgical staplers. The surgical stapler offerings include linear staplers, linear cutter staplers and various cartridges for both sets of staplers. The linear staplers feature large parallel jaw opening (20 mm), manual automatic tissue locating pin, a selection of reloads for different tissue thickness, a cartridge… View Article