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Infiniti Medical Announces Launch of Sculpting Balloon

For the treatment of both vascular and not vascular lesions that do not respond to conventional angioplasty balloons. The balloon incorporates an electropolished helical scoring element that safely scores lesions circumferentially and drives outward expansion with 15-25 times the force of conventional balloons. Nitinol enhanced balloon deflation allows excellent rewrap and re-cross capabilities. Offering 360°… View Article

Infiniti Medical Announces Launch of Negative Pressure Wound Healing Device

The Curato™ is a cutting edge negative pressure wound therapy device with novel features and unique accessories that will greatly impact negative pressure wound therapy in any hospital. Curato™ sets itself apart from other wound therapy devices because it caters to the veterinary profession on a clinical and revenue generating level. The Curato™ is the… View Article