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Lungavita™ Veterinary Cardiac Pacemaker and Programmer

The Lungavita™ cardiac pacemaker is a multi-programmable single chamber device, fully automatic and rate responsive to enhance each veterinary patient’s life.

The implantable device incorporates an IS-1 standard connector to accommodate compatible leads which are also available through Infiniti Medical. The electronic and software technology utilized in Lungavita™ pacemakers are equivalent to CE Mark approved human use devices. Infiniti’s lithium battery chemistry provides proven longevity with an estimated 10-year functional life at nominal (standard) pacing parameters. The implantable power source is also used in implantable human use medical devices. Infiniti has incorporated an end-of-life indicator which informs the veterinary physician, through telemetry, when elective replacement is required. This feature assures patient safety and enhances the therapeutic value of Infiniti’s cardiac pacemakers.

Infiniti has also added a simple “standard” parameters programming that may be suitable for virtually all patients. This safety feature will also assist in returning to safe pacing parameters with a simple stroke of a key in the appropriate programming menu.

All Lungavita™ cardiac pacemakers are brand new and supplied to our customers in a sterile blister package ready for immediate implant. We recommend Infiniti’s Lungavita™ cardiac pacing leads to complement Lungavita™ pacemaker and to standardize the pacing system.

Lungavita™ has demonstrated proven reliability in thousands of human implant months.  The Lungavita™ line of pacemakers and leads come with global 24/7 customer support and the high-performance standards expected from Infiniti Medical.


Pacemaker Programmable Functions:

  • Broad range of pacing modes (VVI, VVT, VOO, AAI, AAT, AOO, VVIR, VOOR, VVTR, AAIR, AOOR, AATR, OAO, OVO, OFF)
  • Auto threshold measure may be turn ON or OFF
  • Noise detection and filtering
  • Rate Hysteresis measurement
  • Magnet response capability
  • High rate temporary programming

Small Size: 49x 38 x 7mm

Light Weight:  24g

Long Battery Life (Estimated):   10.2 years

Easy Programmer Functions:

Infiniti’s pacemaker programmer features a PC-based custom software and programming head interface which is portable, economical, lightweight and simple to use. To simplify programming the implanted pacemaker, we have incorporated a sensing LED that allows the veterinary physician to locate the implant prior to programming. The LED will light up once the implanted pacemaker is located and linked via telemetry for simple, reliable programming. The programmer may be use up to a 50-mm distance from the implanted pacemaker, thus assuring remarkable programming distance from the implant.

Real time programming parameters include but are not limited to: interrogation of programmed parameters of the implanted pacemaker, generation and printing of program parameters reports, re-programming the parameters of the implanted pacemaker, logging the telemetry,  programming the device to safe standard parameters, and more.