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Bead Block

Bead Block are polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel microspheres indicated for targeted embolization of tumors and vascular malformations.

When performing arterial embolization (or chemoembolization), Bead Block is mixed with iodinated contrast (with or without chemotherapy) and injected under fluoroscopic guidance using superselective access. A thorough understanding of vascular anatomy is required in order to limit non-target embolization of important neighboring structures. The microspheres are tinted blue to improve visualization and come in a variety of sizes and preloaded syringes to facilitate use.

Each individual unit consists of a 20 ml syringe containing 2 ml of Bead Block suspended in 4 ml of saline.

Size Range (µm) Color Code
100 – 300 Yellow  
300 – 500 Blue  
500 – 700 Red