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Vet Stent-Urethra™

Vet Stent-Urethra™ is the world’s only urethral stent optimized for veterinary applications. Infiniti Medical has taken its market leading urethral stent and added additional features designed to improve performance. The new urethral stent features the proprietary PurLux® high definition surface that is cleaner and more homogeneous, thus resulting in enhanced biocompatibility and reduced tissue inflammatory response. Durability is also improved. The stent is mounted on the all-new Ergo Linear™ delivery system. The Ergo Linear™ setup features a Teflon liner that dramatically reduces deployment force and a HydroLux™ hydrophilic coating that facilitates placement across “tight” lesions. The delivery system has also been reduced in length and packaged straight to improve the ergonomics of the procedure. It is also now available in feline sizes.

There are patents pending on Vet Stent-Urethra™.

Infiniti Medical Consulting Service

Infiniti Medical provides a lifetime of clinical support with every stent we sell. We offer hands-on training and on-site proctors. We also have a clinician available to assist with selecting the correct size stent and post-stent clinical management.

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Product Sheet

PurLux® high definition stent surface
Improves durability and biocompatibility

Excellent flexibility
Retains shape even in highly curved position

High radial force
Resists dynamic compression

Ergo Linear™ delivery system
Shorter overall length and packed straight to improve ergonomics

Infiniti Medical Consulting Service
Life-time clinical support from stent selection to patient management

Expanded Stent Diameter (mm) Expanded Stent Length (mm) Stent Introducer Delivery System
5 30 6 Fr – 60 cm
6 20 6 Fr – 60 cm
6 40 6 Fr – 60 cm
6 60 6 Fr – 60 cm
8 40 6 Fr – 60 cm
8 60 6 Fr – 60 cm
8 80 6 Fr – 60 cm
10 40 6 Fr – 60 cm
10 60 6 Fr – 60 cm
10 80 6 Fr – 60 cm
12 60 6 Fr – 60 cm
12 80 6 Fr – 60 cm
14 60 6 Fr – 60 cm
14 80 6 Fr – 60 cm

Vet Stent-Urethra™ placement


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