Infiniti Medical Announces Launch of Negative Pressure Wound Healing Device

Infiniti Medical Announces Launch of Negative Pressure Wound Healing Device


The Curato™ is a cutting edge negative pressure wound therapy device with novel features and unique accessories that will greatly impact negative pressure wound therapy in any hospital. Curato™ sets itself apart from other wound therapy devices because it caters to the veterinary profession on a clinical and revenue generating level.

The Curato™ is the first veterinary only device to offer Curvage™ therapy for wounds, allowing the clinician to simultaneously lavage the wound while providing negative pressure wound therapy. Curvage™ is designed to provide continuous irrigation to a wound with sterile saline or other applicable topical solutions. Negative pressure can be applied to assist in the removal of infectious materials and other fluids prior to, during and after irrigation.

Clinicians experienced with negative pressure wound healing will be happy to find many improvements over the current industry standard. The Curato™ features high quality suction tubing with our unique SlickConnect™ adapter. SlickConnect™ is the only rapid tubing to canister connection with a wide mouth adapter that has no bottlenecking of tubing and allows for decreased risk of clogging. Users will also appreciate the portability of the Curato™ unit, the 24 hour battery life, and user friendly LED interface.

Purchasing the Curato™ and any of its accessories is made simple with flexible ordering options. The Curato™ device itself comes with a carrying case and an AC power supply. Our experts have also put together a recommended starter kit which includes the device and accessories a clinician just starting out with Curato™ would need. To make wound healing as easy as possible to maintain at clinics, we also sell most accessories individually.

Besides being a quality product, the Curato™ is a valuable asset for any clinic. Clinicians will see a decrease in time spent redressing wounds and in healing time for patients. The Curato™ is a good financial investment; following one three day treatment, the device and accessories are paid for!

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